Dr. Linda Page

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Renowned Naturopath and Master Herbalist

Long before natural foods and herbal formulas became a “chic,” widely accepted method for healing, Linda Page was sharing her extensive knowledge with those who dared to listen.

Through what some would call an accident of fate but she calls a blessing, she was compelled to research alternative avenues of healing. Sequestered in a hospital with a life-threatening illness, watching her 5-foot frame wither to 69 pounds, her hair fall out, and her skin peel off, doctors told her they had no cure. With only a cursory knowledge of herbs, she began a frantic research process of testing herbal formulas and healing food combinations on herself. She read voraciously about herbal healing. Good friends shopped for herbs and she began to formulate the many compounds, which would eventually save her life, revitalize her health and restore beautiful new hair and skin. It was that incident that led her to seek her degrees in Naturopathy and Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama, where she was an adjunct professor for many years.

Linda’s rewarding career as a leader in natural health and healing spans over three decades. She is a prolific author and educator. Her best-selling book, Healthy Healing, is used as a textbook at many higher educational institutions teaching natural health courses. She has also written other books including: Diets for Healthy Healing, Healthy Healing’s Detoxification and a popular series of library books which address specific healing therapies for topics like menopause, weight loss, sexuality, colds and flu and cancer.

A master classical herbalist, she founded the herbal nutrition company Crystal Star in 1978 and she has formulated over 250 whole herb combinations. She received some of the first United States patents for herbal formulations for her women’s hormone-balancing formulas.

Linda is in demand by the media and she has appeared weekly on CBS television with a report on natural healing; she is a principle speaker at national health symposiums and conventions; she is featured regularly in national magazines and newspapers; she appears on hundreds of radio and television programs and she regularly contributes to WebMD and other health websites. She is considered the herbal authority on anti-aging, women’s health and beauty.

Today, Linda delights in having come full circle. “I am so grateful that knowledge of healing through herbal formulas and good foods is becoming so widespread. I see it as an opportunity for people to seize the power to heal themselves. Knowledge is power. Whether one chooses conventional medicine, alternative healing avenues, or combines them both in a complementary process, the real prescription for healing is knowledge.”

Linda has spoken before Congressional and Senate Committees on behalf of DSHEA and she continues to be a staunch advocate for the freedom of all to choose natural health protocols and products. She is a member of The American Naturopathic Medical Association, The American Botanical Council and The Herb Research Foundation.