Crystal Star's  Commitment to Quality

At Healthy Healing, our commitment to quality is unwavering. To ensure we use the highest quality ingredients, we take the following actions:

Identity Testing

To verify authenticity, each botanical ingredient is given an identity test upon arrival. This testing and a micro analysis are conducted both internally, and by outside 3rd parties. The ingredients listed on our label are in our products at the specific formula amounts.  


cGMP 3rd Party Certified and NSF registered

Our labs are cGMP 3rd party certified, and NSF registered. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) accompanies every formulation batch.

Sustainable Whole Herbs

When wild herbs are in danger of becoming extinct, we move to cultivated herbs. When there's possible GMO contamination, we move to certified organic herbs. As a company, we will continue to align ourselves with industry initiatives, quality companies, and quality individuals.

Ingredient Verification

We currently offer 20 non-GMO verified products. Thirty-six of our products are gluten-free. We're proud of our legacy, our unique blended herbal product formulations, our integrity and our commitment to you!

Testing, testing and more testing…

To ensure customers get what they’re paying for, each herb from each batch is fully tested for identity, potency, and purity.

In parallel, we test for over 400 possible microbials and contaminants, including heavy metals. Following production, finished goods are also given one additional final test as another level of quality assurance.