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About Crystal Star

Healthy Healing has been publishing books on natural health since 1985. At that time, there was a shortage of books and publications about natural health and healing. Today we are still committed to developing and distributing educational resources to help you feel better, look better and live longer naturally.

Renowned author, and Natural Health educator, Linda Page, Ph.D and Traditional Naturopath, writes our bestselling publication Healthy Healing, A Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone. Healthy Healing is now in its 14th Edition and has sold over two million copies.

Founded in 1978, and exclusively formulated by Linda Page, Ph.D and Traditional Naturopath, Crystal Star offers 100 premium whole herb supplements in a variety of preparations that are convenient for self-care: capsules, teas, extracts, gels, baths and more.

informational & educational resource

Published Books
    • Healthy Healing 14th Edition
    • Healthy Healing Detoxification

Crystal Star Herbal Catalog

whole herbs for the whole person!

We only use whole herbs in our formulas. Most whole herbs, as edible plants, are as safe to take as foods. Only the whole herb can give the whole benefit!

Safety & Effectiveness

The value is in the formula. A combination of whole herbs offers protective features that help balance out any adverse reaction from any one plant constituent.

Well Tolerated for Self-Care

Whole herbs offer a rich variety of healing elements with little risk. Occasionally, a mild allergy-type reaction may occur as it might occur to a food. If you have concerns, we always suggest you consult with your physician before starting a self-help program. To learn more, please read our report on drug-herb interactions here.

A leader in the natural foods industry

All formulas are expertly formulated by Linda Page Ph.D., Traditional Naturopath. Dr. Page received one of the first herbal patents in the United States for her formulas that help balance hormones to ease menopausal symptoms. Experts in the field concur she is America’s foremost expert on Western herbalism.