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Bees have been dying at alarming rates for decades. Beginning in 2006, U.S. Beekeepers report losing 30% of their bees during the winter. Coupled with unusually high summer losses, annual bee losses have ranged from 35-45% per year.


Why does the health of bees matter?

  • 30% of global food production relies on pollinators to some degree

  • 80% of flowering crops are pollinated by honey bees and other insects

If we do not act, honey bee health, the global food supply, a healthy ecosystem, and the economy will be adversely affected.

honey bee health coalition initiatives

The Coalition’s Bee Healthy Roadmap lays out specific priorities and actions that it will take to reverse these declines and improve the health of honey bees and other pollinators.

  • Forage and Nutrition

  • Hive Management

  • Crop Pest Management

  • Outreach, Education and Communication