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Exclusive Products

Bladder Rein International

Bladder Rein

Supports urinary tract health and bladder strength. Helps restore natural muscle elasticity and tone, helping control incontinence.

Kava Kava Root: supports body & mind relaxation
Parsley Root: supports tissue strengthening, specific help for urinary tract strength
Cranberry: encourages bladder, kidney cleanse, helps flush out e coli
Coriander Seed: promotes bladder spasm relief and eases discomfort

Circulation Boost International

circulation boost

Encourages improved circulation from the heart to the extremities. Supports the elimination of numbness and tingling.

Hawthorne Berry: helps improve the volume of blood being pumped
Ginkgo Biloba: improves better circulation to the brain, better mental energy
Red Sage Root: circulation boosting support
Passion Flower: helps reduce anxious feelings


Detox Cleanse

Effective formula high in antioxidant herbs and minerals to help fight free radical damage related to toxin exposure.

Vitamin C: helps safeguard against heavy metal toxicity, environmental pollutants and early aging
Magnesium: vital to the functioning of enzymes. Supports bones, cardiovascular system and other functions
Zinc Picolinate: essential for immune system function. Studies demonstrate zinc can increase general wellness. Beneficial impact on connective tissue


Female Paradise

Supports normalized uterine health. Helps reduce swelling and minimize discomfort.

Allicin: supports limiting fibroid growth
Pau D’Arco: antibacterial and cleansing
Black Cohosh: encourages estrogen balance
Maitake Mushroom: immune support and strength

Fibro Recovery International

Fibro Recovery

Supports normalized uterine health. Helps reduce breast swelling and minimize discomfort. Helps support the reduction of breast and uterine adhesions. Long-term gental hormone metabolism support.

Ginger: circulatory support
Pau D’Arco: antibacterial and cleansing support, helps reduce fibroid
Black Cohosh: encourages estrogen balance, and helps menstrual discomfort
Maitake Mushroom: immune support and strength


Glowing Skin

Supports a smooth complexion andhelps beautify the skin. Blended to support and nourish the skin.

White Sage Leaf: support cleansing properties
White Tea Powder: helps control redness and protect the skin
Horsetail Herb: encourages healthy skin texture
Rosemary: clarifying herb for problem skin. Help decrease redness and irritation



Supports women’s normalized estrogen levels whileprotecting cells and encourages flushing toxins.

Wild Yam Root: supports healthy estrogen levels
Green Tea: helps protect cells with antioxidant properties
Milk Thistle: promotes flushing of toxins
Curcumin: helps reduce inflammation and discomfort



Encourages improved thyroid health andpromotes nodule reduction.

Zinc: helps improve thyroid function
Sargassum: helps treat thyroid nodules
Magnesium: necessary for iodine utilization
Ginseng: helps reduce thyroid nodule

Inner Ear Protector International

inner ear protector

Formulated to help sense of balance, reduce ringing in the ear, and balance inner ear fluids.

White Peony: supports the relief of dizziness and headaches
Astragalus: helps boost metabolism, mood & energy
Pueraria: relief from ringing ears and headaches
Dong Quai: blood purifying support


Liver & Gall Detox

Supports rebuilding & regeneration of liver & gallbladder tissue while promoting accelerated toxin release.

Burdock: helps detoxify the liver and bloodstream
Milk Thistle: helps repair liver damage
Oregon Grape: promotes liver & gallbladder stimulation
Tribulus: helps breakdown excess toxins


Liver Purify

The advanced formula helps repair andregenerate damaged liver tissue.

Dandelion Extract: supports optimal liver function
Artichoke Leaf: helps protect bile flow. Supports liver and gallbladder
Milk Thistle Extract: helps repair liver damage related to poisoning, viruses and toxicity


Lymph clean

Supports a strong immune system, working with yourbody’s first responders, promoting front-line defense.

Goldenseal: supports detoxification
Echinacia: helps promote anti-viral action
Yarrow: helps cleanse the body of infection
Elecampane: relief of cough and mucus



Absorbs quickly through the skin and encourages deep sleep, relaxation and muscle discomfort relief.

Naturally Sourced Concentrated Seawater

Mood Ray International

Mood Ray

Supports the body in rebuilding resistance against depressive reactions. Encourages rebalancing the body and mind to support better health.

American Ginseng: helps recovery from illness or chronic stress
Ashwagandha: energy balance and stamina support
Kava Kave: encourages soothing of frazzled nerves, helps soothe irritability
Rosemary: supports sharper focus and memory, and supports antioxidation



Supports immune strengthening and cardiovascular system health.
May help maintain normal blood pressure range.

Olive extract contains many potentially bioactive compounds. Promoting antioxidant, anti-hypertensive and anti-inflamitory activity.


Olivine Spray

Broad Spectrum Olive Leaf Antioxidant. Includes Natural Peppermint & Lemon

• Supports Immune Strength
• Seasonal Wellbeing
• Throat Soothing


Ovary Boost

Supports healthy nerve transmission.Assists in fatty acid metabolism.

Synergistic action supports normalized glucose levels
and assist with the development follicles which may help
with PCOS symptoms.



Herbal nutrients helping support a healthy prostate. Encourages congestive relief, discomfort and restores normal sexual function.

Saw Palmetto: minimizes enlargement of the prostate
Ginger: reduces inflammation
Juniper: helps to clear prostate of waste
Ground Raspberry: contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties



Helps increase the androgen levels within the ovarianto a normal range, which may support egg quality.

Wild Yam: supports balanced hormone levels
Turmeric: antioxidant properties
Gojo Berry: supports a feeling of well being
Yellow Dock: source of added nutrients


secret garden

Pure plant extraction.

60 (500mg) Softgels

Sleep Shield International


Encourages higher quality of calming restand sleep without morning drowsiness.

Gaba: supports a calming feeling
L-theanine: encourages tranquil feelings
Passion Flower: encourages restful sleep
Lemon Balm: supports the reduction of stress & anxiety



Helps reduce swelling and discomfort of varicose veins. Supports tightening and toning of effected area.

• Penetrates deep into skin tissue encouraging circulation health
• Full spectrum vein support, helping shrink and heal varicose veins
• Promotes balanced skin, helps reduce swelling and discomfortassociated with varicose veins

Stone Clean International

Stone Clean

Helps dissolve sediment, soothe discomfort, prevent reoccurance and support stone release. Encourages natural release and helps inhibit reformation while providing long-term support.

Tumeric: supports discomfort relief and inflammation response
Milk Thistle Seed: liver support and health
Oregon Grape Root: supports proper gallbladder and liver function
Collinsonia Root: supports fluid release


Stone CleaN FOR GB

Helps dissolve sediment, soothe discomfort, prevent reoccurrence, and supports Urinary Tract Health.

Tumeric: supports discomfort relief and inflammation response
Milk Thistle Seed: liver support
Oregon Grape Root: supports proper gallbladder and liver function
Collinsonia Root: supports fluid release



Helps dissolve sediment, soothe discomfort, prevent reoccurrence, and supports Urinary Tract Health.

Chanca Piedra: supports discomfort release, inflamation response, and sediment dissolving
Rosemary: helps prevent formation
Hibiscus: encourages the release and elimination of sediment
L-Arginine: supports the prevention of Calcium Oxalate

Sugar Control International

Sugar Control

Supports normal blood sugar level whilepromoting energy and endurance.

Fenugreek Seed: helps reduce blood sugar levels
Cedar Berry: supports pancreas and sugar level regulating properties
Green Tea: supports enhanced fat burning activities and sugar levels
Suma: promotes energy and endurance, helping to counteract fatigue caused by blood sugar disturbances

Vein Recovery International

Vein Recovery

Helps reduce swelling of veins throughout the body. Supports tightening and toning legs, enhancing the appearance.

Bilberry: helps build capillary strength and integrity
Gotu Kola: supports building healthy tissue
Ginkgo Biloba: encourage circulation, supports healthy blood flow
Blue Violet Leaf: supports blood purification

Women's Guardian International

Women's Guardian

Supports strengthening, and overall uterine and ovarian health. Helps reduce swelling and reduce excess estrogen. Helps reduce excess bleeding and abnormal growth.

Goldenseal: helps reduce discomfort and swelling in entire uterine-ovarian area
Rehmannia: supports regular menstruation
Cramp Bark: helps reduce menstrual cramping and spasmetic symptoms
Red Raspberry: supports ovarian and uterine strength, uterine relax and helping normalize bleeding

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