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Modern science is validating many of the traditional benefits of sea
plants, especially in relation to their algin content. In fact, the alginic acids
in sea vegetables perform a dual miracle. First, algin absorbs toxins from
the digestive tract in much the same way that a water softener removes the
hardness from tap water. It binds with the ions of toxic heavy metals which
are then converted to harmless salts. The salts are insoluble in the intestine
and are excreted, so less toxins enter the circulatory system. Second, algin
also chelates radioactive matter present in the human body and binds it
for elimination via the large intestine. Algin compounds are also thought
to be responsible for much of the success of seaweeds in the treatment of
obesity, asthma, atherosclerosis and blood purifying.
Still, even though scientists know that algin compounds in seaweeds
directly counteract carcinogens, most researchers believe that sea plants
primarily boost the body’s immune system, allowing it to combat the
carcinogens itself.
Sun-dried, packaged sea vegetables retain almost all of their health
advantages. The recipes here can be used over a lifetime as part of your
immune-boosting detox maintenance plan.
I can’t think of a seaweed I don’t like… so I’ve offered a sampling to give
you an idea of their great variety and taste. They’re good in soups, with
cooked vegetables, over hot rice, even in sandwiches.
The popularity of sushi has introduced many Americans to the sweetness
of nori. But this delicate sea vegetable with its distinctive nutty taste is far
more versatile. Nori (and its American cousin, laver) is the highest in Bcomplex
vitamins, as well as vitamin C and E.
Nori, and its American counterpart laver, is easy to roast. Spread the
dried plant on a baking sheet, sprinkle with teriyaki sauce and bake at 300°
for 5 to 8 minutes until crisp but not burned.
sushi main dish salad
California maki in a bowl—with the same great taste of sushi rolls.
Makes: 4 salads
In a dry saucepan, toast:
1 cup brown rice (or a wild and brown rice mix)
Add in:
2 cups water or light miso broth
Bring to a boil, cover and simmer 30 minutes until all liquid is absorbed.
Remove from heat. Set aside.
In a mixing bowl, toss:
1 avocado, chopped 3 scallions, minced
1 cup crab pieces 2 tbsp. brown rice vinegar
a pinch wasabi powder
Blend with the cooked rice. Crumble a toasted nori sheet over the top.
Optional: serve with a dab of the following Hot Mustard Dressing
hot mustard dressing
In a small bowl, mix:
4 tsp. Chinese hot mustard 1 tbsp. tamari
pinch wasabi powder 2 tbsp. toasted sesame oil
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