Healthy Healing 14th Edition - exam 1

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The Dramatic Rise Of
Iatrogenic (Doctor-
Caused) Disease
“Iatrogenic disease” means disease caused by
doctors, hospitals or drugs. It’s a skyrocketing problem
in today’s drug-oriented society. The highest numbers
from the Nutrition Institute of America shows that
the medical system may be between the first and third
leading cause of death in the U.S., causing upwards
of 784,000 deaths per year! ...chilling as Americans
add to that the highly debated rules and regulations
of universal healthcare.
Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) or interactions alone
are estimated to be between the 4th and 6th leading
cause of death in the United States—with a death toll
of over 200,000 people each year. The rate at which
patients pick up an infection while being treated in
a U.S. hospital has also dramatically increased. Each
year, upwards of 260,000 patients die as a result of
hospital-acquired infections. Adding insult to injury
you may be paying the price in terms of your health
(and pocketbook!) for medical procedures you don’t
even need. A new report shows Americans are exposed
to at least 7 times the radiation from routine diagnostic
tests as we were 30 years ago. A single CT scan alone
delivers as much radiation as 113 chest X-rays!
The problem has escalated so much that government
agencies require more accountability. Medicare
stopped paying hospitals in 2008 for many conditions
acquired during hospital stays. (Medicare is now
excluding reimbursement for preventable problems
like pressure sores, objects left inside patients during
surgery, air embolism, transfusion errors, catheter or
surgery caused infections, and falls.)
You may be more likely to be injured or killed by
a visit to a physician than by a car accident. Deepak
Chopra, M.D. estimates that “the number of people
that die every two days as the result of medical
treatment in the U.S. is equivalent to three 747 crashes,
with fatalities.”
Most Americans today take prescription drugs or
know someone who does. Yet, the prescriptions you
trust can be harmful. The majority of us will spend
time in a hospital at some point in our lives. Yet
research shows you may leave a hospital sicker than
you were when you checked in.
H e a l t h y H e a l i n g , 1 4 T H E D ITI O N
my own stem cells reinjected for an astounding
effect in speed of healing. I believe stem cells will
be a game-changer in human healing.
- Alternative medicine practitioners also believe
that the body heals itself. They view symptoms
like fever or inflammation, as signs that the body
is mounting an immune response to heal itself.
Instead of trying to eliminate symptoms, lifestyle
therapy treatments work to enhance the body’s
own natural defenses and healing vitality.
- Alternative practitioners are also teachers who
can empower you to help yourself. Many adopt
the position of coach rather than doctor, allowing
patients to rally and use the personal power of their
own healing systems.
- Lifestyle is significant to healing. Alternative
practitioners look beyond the physical symptoms
and take into account that a patient’s mental,
emotional, even spiritual life as inseparable from
physical health. Lifestyle therapy is more subtle
than drugs or surgery. You should expect the
healing effects of natural medicines to be slower
but more permanent—a normal result of your
body taking its time to do it right.
- The natural healing rule of thumb is one month
of healing for every year you’ve had the problem.
Healthy Healing, the book you have in your hands,
offers you personal empowerment with its wealth of
lifestyle choices for health problems… things you
can do for yourself to improve almost every health
condition. Even if the condition is serious, even if you
are under traditional medical care, there are always
significant things you can do to help your body heal.
Healing is an achievement of the spirit as well as a
physical process. I have seen this to be true in case
after case, regardless of the problem or its duration.
Healthy Healing details both empirical evidence
and clinical studies to offer you choices that are
non-invasive, health supporting, body balancing
and disease-preventing as well as healing. Good
information is the key. Most people have plenty of
common sense as well as intuitive knowledge about
themselves and their health problems. With solid
information, people invariably make good choices
for their health.
S E C TI O N O NE : H EALT H C A R E C H O I C E S - i a t ro g e n i c d i s e a s e
If you have a serious immune disorder like AIDS
or cancer, or are undergoing treatments that depress
immune response like chemotherapy or radiation,
infections that spread through hospitals can spell
life or death. Years ago, I lost a friend suffering from
leukemia not to his cancer, but instead, to a virulent
lung fungus he caught in the hospital while being
treated with chemo.
Medical procedures we have seen as miracles,
like heart bypass surgery, can have serious risks
and drawbacks. Nearly 1 in 25 people die during
bypass surgery itself. The newest studies show that
an extraordinary number of people who do survive
the surgery experience a significant decrease in brain
function and memory.
Are You Filling A Prescription
For Disaster?
Even during these turbulent economic times, the
drug industry is the most profitable industry in the
U.S. Over 2.5 billion prescriptions are filled each year
by people who have little or no idea what the drugs
do, the side effects they cause or the consequences of
long term use. The elderly are prime targets for drug
therapy, often taking two, three, or even more different
prescriptions at the same time. Yet, at least 250
available drugs should not be taken by older adults.
Parkinson’s disease symptoms, memory deterioration,
injury accidents, thought to be a result of aging, are
now regularly the result of drug therapy!
In fact, all prescriptions from 2010 forward are
required to be written electronically, instead of
by hand, in an effort to eliminate at least 25% of
preventable adverse drug reactions.
Our Electronic Lifestyle Adds To
The Problem
Today people easily get their prescriptions over the
internet. Just fill out a short on-line questionnaire—
powerful and potentially dangerous drugs arrive in
the mail. Literally thousands of web sites advertise
and ship the highly controversial drug Viagra and its
newer cousins Cialis and Levitra without any doctor’s
prescription, at great discounts. All three drugs have
been linked to several thousand deaths… the vast
majority involving two types of men… older men
with pre-existing heart conditions, and younger men
(most without prescriptions) who want to push their
body over their limits.
Americans spend billions each year on over-thecounter
drugs, mostly for heartburn or pain relief.
We take over 85 million aspirin, linked to gastric
bleeding, every single day! NSAIDs (non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen are widely
popular for pain relief, but are also linked to serious
gastrointestinal problems and bleeding. The latest
statistics show NSAIDs send 76,000 people to the
hospital and kill 7,600 people annually in the U.S.!
What’s The Health Result Of
This Massive Over-Medication In
Every year, for thousands of people, adverse drug
reactions (ADRs) mean trips to an Emergency Room
or even death. For thousands more, drug toxicity is a
silent enemy they may never recognize. Drug residues
linger in the body for years. You might not even see
the consequences of drug overload for a decade!
Over time, drugs build up in fatty tissue, the liver or
the glands where they are unable to be eliminated
through body pathways. As early as our 30s, the liver
and kidneys begin to lose their capacity to metabolize
and eliminate drugs efficiently. Kidney and liver failure
are not uncommon from long-term overuse of overthe-
counter pain relievers like acetaminophen and
Searching For The Right
Blend Of Medicine
Clearly modern medicine isn’t all bad. It has saved
thousands of lives and made truly wonderful strides.
The ability to isolate microbes that cause infectious
disease, and to create treatments that would kill those
microbes without killing the patient, was a milestone
in modern medicine. Yet even with the vast medical
arsenal available to them today, doctors can only cure
about one-fourth of the illnesses presented to them.
Only 10-20% of procedures in medical practice have
been shown to be effective in clinical trials. Today,
you’re actually 255 times more likely to react to a
prescription or over-the-counter drug than you
are to experience an adverse reaction to a dietary
Over 50% of Americans now use some form of
complementary or alternative medicine. More than
half of all medical professionals have used alternative
medicine for their own self-care. An increasing
number of MDs are including holistic treatments,
and adopting some practices of natural medicine, in
order to offer their patients the best of both worlds.
I believe the best prescription is really a good
lifestyle plan: a long-term nutritious diet; regular
exercise and mental stimulation; plenty of sleep and
rest; targeted herbal formulas and supplements for
specific body imbalances; a rich spiritual life; and
loving friends and family. Massage therapy is one of my
favorite healing choices. Massage is really therapeutic
touch- beneficial for men, women, children, even pets.
Not one of the latest “miracle” drugs can replace our
basic need to be touched and nurtured.
Today’s health care system seems brutal and cold
at times. The sick are shuffled around from room to
room, waiting… and waiting some more, sometimes
needing major medical care, other times just wanting
someone who will listen to them. Today’s impersonal
medical tests will never replace the vital person-toperson
communication between doctor and patient.
And, a single medical test will never tell the whole
picture—the true state of a person’s mind, body and
I feel we need both types of medicine to stay well
in today’s world. In our fast paced, high stress lifestyle,
there may be times when we need to rely on modern
medicine for fast symptom relief or to arrest death
from a health crisis or injury. Still, modern medicine
is no substitute for a nutritious diet, regular exercise
and the remarkable ability of whole herbs to boost
the body’s own natural healing response. And, there is
no question that health and wellness have a profound
spiritual foundation that is personal for each one of us.
If you’ve been affected by the shortfalls of modern
medicine, natural therapies may be ideally suited to
help your body recuperate and regenerate. Although
sometimes necessary, drug therapy (particularly long
term) and surgical procedures take their toll on even
the healthiest of bodies. The goal of any recovery is
getting your body back to its normal state by restoring
its foundation strength. Healthy food and natural
supplements rebalance body chemistry. They allow
your body to rebuild your best defense—your own
immune response.
Legislation, New Laws
And Health Care Tod ay
A short recap on the legal issues affecting your access
to natural health and supplements today.
What natural medicines and healing techniques
can you pursue from conventional health care avenues
today? What can you do for yourself? Who can you
consult in the natural healing world?
A recent report finds that the time spent by patients
with an alternative healer exceeds the time spent with a
conventional physician, and patients are more satisfied
with their interactions with natural healers than
conventional medical practitioners. A new telephone
survey found that 34% of Americans visit alternative
healers spending $13.7 billion on these visits!
Today most insurance policies cover noninvasive,
natural means of healing like physical
therapy, massage, and acupuncture. Many states
have health freedom acts allowing people to receive
consultations from natural healers like herbalists,
homeopaths and traditional naturopaths who are not
currently licensed by the government.
More good news: Studies show 39% of the
population in the United States uses organic products.
21% of Americans buy at least part of their groceries
and supplements at natural foods stores.
So, why does it still feels like our industry is being
attacked from all sides?
Here are a few of the legislative hot button topics
facing the natural foods industry today.
Will Codex Alimentarius
Affect Your Access To
In 1963, the Codex Alimentarius Commission
was created as a joint project by the United Nations
and the World Health Organization. Today the
World Trade Organization recognizes Codex as the
authority for food safety standards. In the past 40
plus years, Codex has created nearly 250 standards
for food safety. Some people are fearful that Codex
will mean the end of access to supplements for health
H e a l t h y H e a l i n g , 1 4 T H E D ITI O N