Healthy Healing 14th Edition - Exam 2

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EDTA is injected, it flushes the cells of ionic minerals,
especially calcium, and travels with them out of the
body through the kidneys.
Oral chelation refers to specific foods and
nutritional supplements that help cleanse blood
vessels of accumulated waste and improve blood
flow. While chelating physicians say that oral chelates
take about eight times longer to show health benefits
than IV chelates, oral chelation does help improve
circulation, and reverse heart disease and sexual
impotency due to poor circulation. I use oral chelation
as a preventive against atherosclerosis and some
degenerative diseases. Metabolic Response Modifiers
Cardio-Chelate is oral chelation with EDTA that I’ve
used with good results. Many people feel better right
Which Body System
Cleanse Do You Need?
You can target your detox to focus on a specific
body system. Each body system has tell-tale signs when
it becomes overloaded with pollutants or congestion.
Directing your detox to the body system that needs
it goes to the source of a problem right away, and
frequently clears up other related conditions as well.
This chapter details the seven body systems that make
a noticeable difference in your health after a cleanse.
Do You Need A Colon
A colon elimination cleanse is a cleanse most of
us need. The latest estimates show that over 90% of
disease in America is directly or indirectly attributable
to an unhealthy colon. As the solid waste management
organ for the entire body, your colon is also the easiest
breeding ground for putrefactive bacteria, viruses
and parasites. (A nationwide survey reveals that one
in every six people have parasites living somewhere
in their body.)
Hardly any healing program will work without a
colon cleanse as part of it. Problems like headaches,
skin blemishes, bad breath, fatigue, arthritis and heart
disease are linked to a congested colon. Colon and
bowel malfunctions are one of the biggest factors in
accelerated aging, too. Cleansing your colon lightens
the toxic load on every other part of your body…
even your mind (mental dullness is a sign of colon
congestion). When colon health is compromised,
waste backs up, becomes toxic, and releases the toxins
into the bloodstream. Real healing takes place at the
deepest cellular levels. Your cells are fed by your blood.
The nutrients that reach your blood get there by the
way of the colon. So a clogged, dirty colon means
toxins in your blood.
Is Your Colon Toxic? Ask
Yourself These Questions:
…Is your elimination time slow? Bowel transit
time should be approximately twelve hours. Slow
bowel transit time allows wastes to become rancid.
Blood capillaries lining the colon absorb these poisons
into the bloodstream, exposing the rest of your body
to the toxins.
…Do you eat too much fast food? highly
processed, chemical laced food? synthetic foods? A
clean, strong system can metabolize or eliminate many
pollutants that come into your body, but if you are
constipated, they are stored in your system. As more
and different chemicals enter your body they tend to
inter-react with those that are already there, forming
second generation chemicals more harmful than the
originals. Colon cancer, now the second leading cancer
in the United States (slightly behind lung cancer in
men and breast cancer in women), is a direct result
of accumulated toxic waste. Colitis, irritable bowel
syndrome, diverticulosis, ileitis and Crohn’s disease—
all signs of waste congestion. They’re on the rise, too.
Over 100,000 Americans have a colostomy every year!
An incredible fact.
…Is your digestion poor? The most common sign
of toxic bowel overload is poor digestion. If you’re
eating a lot of rich, red meats and cheeses, white bread,
sugary, salty foods or fried foods, they’re robbing your
body of critical electrolytes and they have almost no
fiber for digestion. A high fiber diet is both cure and
prevention for waste elimination problems. Eating
high fiber means you’re moving food through your
digestive system quickly and easily. A low residue diet
causes a gluey state — your intestinal contractions can’t
work efficiently. You can picture this if you remember
the hard paste formed by white flour and water when
you were a kid. A lot of the food we eat today is simply
crammed into the colon, never fully excreted.
S E C T I O N F I V E : D E T O X I F I C A T I O N - C o l on C l eanse
Media attention has been focused for decades on
high fiber foods. Everybody in America must have
changed their diet to a more colon-healthy pattern…
right? This is simply not the case. Americans target
their diets to reduce fat at all costs, often at the expense
of fiber-rich foods. A gentle, gradual change from low
fiber, low residue foods helps almost immediately. In
fact, a gradual change is better than a sudden, drastic
change, especially when the colon is inflamed.
Check Your Fiber. The Protective
Level Of Fiber In Your Diet Is Easily
—The stool should be light enough to float.
—Bowel movements should be regular, daily and
—The stool should be almost odorless, signalling
less bowel transit time.
—There should be no gas or flatulence.
Signs Your Body Could Use A
Colon Cleanse
—Constipated most of the time? (a colon cleanse
softens, removes colon congestion)
—Feeling heavy and foggy? (a colon cleanse helps you
lose colon congestive weight)
—Gassy, bloated, bowel rumbling, discomfort after
you eat? (a colon cleanse removes gluey materials
impairing digestion)
—Catch a cold, or flu every few weeks? (a colon
cleanse releases excess mucous that harbors viruses)
—Tired for no real reason? (a colon cleanse boosts
immune and liver response for more energy)
—Have a coated tongue, bad breath, body odor? (a
colon cleanse clears rancidity that causes smells)
—Do you feel mentally slow and tired? (a colon
cleanse lets more blood circulation get to your brain)
—Skin unusually sallow and dull? (a colon cleanse
removes toxin that come out through your skin)
—Have a degenerative disease like cancer, arthritis
or lupus? (a colon cleanse removes toxic elements)
—Cholesterol numbers too high? (a colon cleanse
increases absorption of cholesterol-lowering foods)
Colon Elimination Detox Plan
Start with this 3 to 5 -day nutrition plan
The 4 keys: 1) high chlorophyll plants for enzymes;
2) fruits and vegetables for fiber; 3) cultured foods for
probiotics; 4) eight glasses of water a day.
The night before your colon cleanse…
Take your choice of gentle herbal laxatives. Soak
dried figs, prunes and raisins in water; add 1 tbsp.
molasses, cover, leave over night.
The next 2-4 days…
—On rising: take a cleansing booster product, or 1
heaping teaspoon of a fiber drink in juice or water.
Take 1000mg vitamin C with bioflavonoids to
raise body glutathione levels.
—Breakfast: discard dried fruits from soaking water
and take a small glass of the liquid.
—Mid-morning: take 2 tbsp. aloe juice concentrate
in a glass of juice or water and 1000mg vitamin C.
—Lunch: take a small glass of potassium broth (page
299); or a glass of fresh carrot juice.
—Mid-afternoon: take a large glass of fresh apple
juice; or an herbal colon cleansing tea.
—About 5 o’ clock: a small glass of potassium broth,
or fresh carrot juice, or a mixed vegetable drink.
—Supper: take a glass of apple or papaya juice and
1000mg vitamin C. (Note: Finish your cleanse
with a small raw foods salad on the last night.)
—Before Bed: repeat the herbal cleansers that you
took on rising, and take a cup of mint tea.
Colon Cleanse Supplement
Choose 2 or 3 cleansing boosters.
…Gentle herbal laxatives: Zand Cleansing Laxative
tabs or Gaia Natural Laxative. Note: If you
have a sensitive colon or irritable bowel disease
(IBS), heal your colon before you cleanse. Avoid
products with senna or cascara sagrada. Use a
gentle herbal cleansing formula, with peppermint
oil, like Crystal Star BWL-Tone I.B.S., to lessen
inflammation and irritation of bowel mucosa
which make the bowel more permeable to toxins.
H ea l th y H ea l in g , 1 4 T H E D I T I O N
…Cleansing boosters: Planetary Triphala; Nature’s
Secret Supercleanse; Gaia Herbs Supreme Cleanse;
Renew Life Cleanse More system; Crystal Star
Herbal Laxa caps; una de gato extract drops in
…Chlorophyll sources: Crystal Star Energy Green
drink; Pure Planet Chlorella; Futurebiotics Colon
Green; Wakunaga Kyogreen drink; Green Foods
Green Magma if you have IBS.
…Enzymes: Transform ation Enzyme Digest-Zyme with
meals; Use Purezyme or Crystal Star Dr. Enzyme with
Protease and Bromelain between meals if you have
food allergies, too.
…Electrolyte speed up a cleanse: Nature’s Path Trace-
Lyte Liquid Minerals; Arise & Shine Alkalizer.
…Probiotics replenish healthy bacteria: Jarr ow Jarr o-
…Antioxidants defeat pollutants: Country Life Super
10 Antioxidant; Nutricology Antiox.
…Fiber support: Planetary Tri-Cleanse; AloeLife
Note 1: Drugstore laxatives aren’t really cleansers.
Relief is only temporary, they’re usually habit-forming,
irritate intestinal membranes, and don’t get to the root
of the problem. Often the bowels expel whatever loose
material is around.
Note 2: Colon problems are often chronic and need
several rounds of cleansing. Alternate with periods of
eating a healthy diet.
Colon Cleanse Bodywork
Techniques to enhance your cleanse.
—Irrigate: a colonic irrigation is a good way to start
a colon/bowel cleanse. (See how to take a colonic,
page 203) Grapefruit seed extract (15 to 20 drops
in a gallon of water) is effective, especially if there
is colon toxicity along with constipation. Or, take
a catnip or diluted liquid chlorophyll enema every
other night during the cleanse. Note: Enemas
may be given to children. Use smaller amounts
according to size and age. Allow water to enter very
slowly; let them expel when they wish.
—Exercise: take a brisk walk for an hour every day
to help keep your elimination channels moving.
—Bathe: take long warm baths during your cleanse.
A lower back/pelvis massage and dry skin
brushing help release toxins coming out through
the skin. Lemon Detox Bath: add into warm bath:
5 drops lemon, 2 drops geranium essential oil.
—Massage therapy: get one good lower back and
pelvis massage during your cleanse.
—Visualize your detox: Close your eyes; inhale and
exhale long and slowly. As you exhale, visualize
toxins dislodging and leaving your colon. As you
inhale, visualize nourishing nutrients rebuilding
Do You Need A
Kidney function is vital to health. The kidneys
are largely responsible for the elimination of waste
products from protein breakdown (like urea and
ammonia). If the movement of salts, proteins or
other bio-chemicals goes awry, a whole range of
health problems arises, from mild water retention, to
major kidney failure, and mineral loss. Concentrated
protein wastes can cause chronic inflammation of
kidney filtering tissues (nephritis), and can overload
the blood with toxins, causing uremia.
Your bladder and kidneys do more than just
remove water wastes. The bladder and kidneys are
primary removal sites for toxic and potentially toxic
chemicals in the bloodstream, channelling pollutants
and chemicals out of body systems before they build
up in the tissues and contaminate cells — crucial to
the body’s internal hygiene.
The urinary system is part of a complex process that
maintains your body’s fluid stability. Urinary controls
are involved with the brain, hormones, and receptors
all over the body. They are smart controls that register
what your body needs for fluids. Sometimes, they
remove very little salt or water; at other times, they
remove a lot. By the way… dehydration is the most
common stress on the kidneys. Natural medicine
emphasizes the importance of ample, high-quality
water for kidney health.
Do you have chronic lower back pain, irritated
urination, frequent unexplained chills, fever, or nausea
or fluid retention? A gentle, natural, 3 to 5 day cleanse
may be just the thing to keep you from getting a fullblown,
painful bladder infection.
S E C T I O N F I V E : D E T O X I F I C A T I O N - B l adde r - K idne y C l eanse