Better Cold Care and Immunity

Tips to better immune response and cold care:

  1. A daily walk revs up immune response and gives you some fresh air. It works wonders!

  2. Stimulate immunity with early morning sunlight every day. Avoid excessive sun. A sunburn depresses immunity.

  3. If you feel a cold coming on, take ascorbate vitamin C or Ester C, 1000mg every hour, preferably in powder form with juice, throughout the day. Take zinc lozenges as needed, or Propolis Throat spray.

  4. Wash hands and clean counter tops frequently to prevent virus spread.

  5. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid sugary foods, fried foods, and dairy foods. They reduce immune response and increase production of thick mucous.

  6. Relaxation techniques are immune-enhancers. A positive mental attitude makes a big difference in how your body fights disease. Creative visualization establishes belief and optimism. Biofeedback or massage therapy reduce stress.

  7. Immune power builds the most during sleep. Use aromatherapy immune oils like lavender or rosemary oil before bed.

  8. Already sick? Drink plenty of liquids; 6-8 glasses daily of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herb teas and water to help flush toxins through and out of your system.