About Breast Thermography

Is Thermography A Good Choice? 
FDA approved in 1982, thermography is a highly advanced health scanning technique that offers breast cancer screening without the drawbacks of mammogram radiation. Over 12,000 articles detail its use. Angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth produced by tumors) generates abnormal heat in the area of a tumor.

Thermography takes precise measurements of skin surface temperature to detect breast cancer, finding abnormalities in breast tissue. It can also reveal the state of body organs, determine if imbalances are present and what might be causing them. Experts say it could reveal an organ or system susceptible to tumors before there are even signs on an X-ray or CT scan.

Some doctors suggest using thermography in conjunction with traditional breast cancer mammograms. But, for women who don't do mammograms, thermography offers a non-invasive technique to get information on their breast health. To find a skilled thermography practitioner, visit http://www.iact-org.org/links.html on the web.


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