Bodywork and Lifestyle for a Better Mood

Lifestyle watchwords: Combat depression in your daily life habits

•    Ask your doctor about hypnotherapy, biofeedback or acupuncture… relaxation techniques with success in overcoming chronic moodiness and mild depression.

Bodywork support:
•    Exercise anxiety away. It’s an anti-depressant nutrient in itself. Give your body plenty of oxygen. Deep brain breathing exercises are one of the best things I know for depression and fear. (Paul Bragg’s BRAIN BREATHING book for technique).
•    Depression increases risk of osteoporosis. Get some daily sunlight on the body for vitamin D, a natural serotonin boost.
•    Yoga stretches and regular massage help clear the mind.
•    Acupuncture banishes the blues in 90% of women by increasing their brain endorphins.
•    Aromatherapy helps: Try essential oils of jasmine, geranium, rosemary and basil.

Spiritual support:
•    Strengthening your spirituality in this time of need offers incredibly calming stability and allays fear when anxiety is at its depths.