Dr. Linda Page's Natural Fever Program

Fevers: Nature’s Cleansers And Healers

A slight fever is often your immune system’s way of clearing up an infection or toxic overload quickly. Your body naturally raises its temperature on its own to “burn out” harmful poisons, to throw them off through heat and then through sweating. The heat from a fever can also de-activate virus replication, so unless a fever is exceptionally high (over 103° for kids and 102° for adults) or long lasting (more than two full days), it is sometimes a wise choice to let it run its natural course, even with children. Often they will get better faster. A good lesson with fevers is not to overmedicate.

Fevers Are Usually A Result Of The Problem And A Part Of The Solution

Bathe morning and night during a feverish illness. Infection and wastes from the illness are largely thrown off through the skin. If not regularly washed off, these substances lay on the skin, then become partially reabsorbed into the body. There is usually substantial body odor during a cleansing fever as toxins are being eliminated, so frequent baths and showers help you feel better, too. A cleansing, healing fever is characterized by hot, dry, flushed skin, followed by chill followed by fever, followed by lethargy and the desire to lie down. See your doctor if it looks more serious than that, since a lingering, or higher fever is sometimes a sign of more serious health problems.

Natural Fever Choices

1. Drink plenty of liquids during a fever, and to the daily diet all during the illness - diluted juices, water, broths. Stay on a liquid diet during a fever to maximize the cleansing process: bottled water, fruit juices, broths and herb teas.
2. Carrot/beet/cucumber juice is a specific to clean the kidneys and help bring a fever down.
3. Sip on lemon juice with maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon (very cleansing) all during the morning; grapefruit juice during the evening.
4. After a fever breaks, take enzyme therapy drinks, and Crystal Star Dr. Enzyme caps with protease and bromelain.
Watchwords for fevers and kids: It’s probably OK unless:
1. You have an infant with a temperature over 100°.
2. The fever has not abated after three days, and is accompanied by vomiting, a cough and trouble breathing.
3. Your child displays extreme lethargy and looks severely ill.
4. Your child is making strange, twitching movements.
• A cup of hot bayberry or elderflower tea, or cayenne and ginger capsules, speeds up the cleansing process by encouraging sweating and by stimulating circulation.
• Use cool water sponge bathes to reduce a fever.     
• Apply peppermint tea cooling compresses to the head.
• Add Dead Sea Salts to your bath to reduce aches and pains.
• Take Echinacea extract drops in water several times daily (good results) to encourage immune defenses.

Choose 2 to 3 recommendations.

Don’t forget - use child dosage for kids. Herbal Remedy Dosage Goes By Body Weight.
Child dosage is as follows:
½ dose for children 10 - 14 years
⅓ dose for children 6 - 10 years
¼ dose for children 2 - 6 years
¹⁄₈ dose for infants and babies

1. Immune support: • Crystal Star Anti-Bio caps or drops; *Elderberry Syrup with echinacea. • Fenugreek tea with lemon and maple syrup.
2. Use a fever to fight a cold or flu. Encourage sweating: Take  • Calendula tea, • Elderflower-sage tea or • Boneset-elder fl.-white willow-yarrow-ginger tea or • thyme tea (especially for kids) until sweating occurs, usually within 24 hours.
3. Help your body normalize from a fever and speed up healing: • Vitamin C crystals ¼ tsp. every ½ hour in juice or water to bowel tolerance as an ascorbic acid flush. • Add garlic capsules 3x daily.
4. If you decide to reduce the fever:  Herb teas are gentle and work very well, • like peppermint, cilantro or catnip. • Herbs for Kids Temp Assure extract for kids’ fevers (highly recommended).