Herbs for strong immunity


We think of herbs as so gentle and subtle. How can they work when drugs can’t? Herbs may become some of our best weapons against drug-resistant diseases. Herbs work differently from drug antibiotics. Herbs work with each person’s own immune system. Drugs work against the harmful organism. As heroic medicine, drugs often work best for short time use, to arrest a virulent pathogen and give your body a chance to stabilize so your own immune response can take over. But antibiotic drugs target all bacteria in your body, not just harmful ones. So they wipe out friendly bacteria in the intestines, important for immune strength and protection against Candida yeast overgrowth, E. Coli and Salmonella infections. Antibiotics taken over a long time weaken your immune response. Research from Baylor School of Medicine reveals that antibiotics actually prevent your immune system’s white blood cells from attacking and killing pathogenic bacteria. Herbs work with your own immune defenses, to support the lymphatic system of disease, and stimulate your immune response without harming healthy tissue. Herbs are living medicines that interact with our bodies in a very complex way. We may never understand all their healing power, but one way is to remind ourselves that whole herbs are foods. Herbs work with our enzyme and digestive functions just as foods do. As with foods, herb interactions with drugs are rare. Would you stop eating spinach, for instance, just because you’re taking an antibiotic? Herb healing pathways are different from drugs - even for drugs that originally started as plants.

There Are The Three Categories Of Herbs You Can Use For Your Natural Immune Arsenal:

1. Immune Boosters: They aren’t direct germ killers, but they illustrate how herbs like echinacea and astragalus work as opposed to drug antibiotics.

• Echinacea

• Astragalus

2. Lymph Flushers: They work with the lymphatic system, your immune system’s circulatory process, to flush, filter and engulf pathogens, rendering them innocuous.

• Echinacea

• Seaweed

• Bitters herbs

3. Super powerful supplements that may be a good tool to wipe out supergerms.

• Olive leaf extract

• Tea tree oil

• Garlic

• Oregano oil

• Propolis

• Probiotics

• Selenium

To Life-long health,

Linda Page