January Herb of the Month- Milk Thistle Seed Extract

MILK THISTLE SEED EXTRACT: Silybum marianum (carduus marianus) - our Lady’s thistle

For over 2000 years milk thistle seed has been the herb of choice by both Ancient and modern herbalists for liver support and detoxification. It was used as both a food and a medicine by ancient people, although modern use is limited to the seeds. Milk thistle seed has excellent antioxidant properties, and is found to help the body produce SOD (superoxide dismutase). It combines well with burdock, dandelion and bupleurum for overall liver support.
Part used: seed. Effective forms: extract, capsules.
Therapeutic profile: a bitter, tonifying, detoxifying herb for the liver and gallbladder.
Primary uses: as a specific in a liver regeneration and suppor combination, particularly to increase the secretion and flow of bile from liver and gallbladder.
Secondary uses: as a liver protective when recovering from excess alcohol or dietary abuse, or from exposure to environmental pollutants that threaten liver health.