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Thermogenesis is critical to weight loss after 40.

Thermogenesis is about fat burning. About 75% of the calories you eat work to keep you alive and support your resting metabolic rate. The rest are stored as white fat, or burned up by brown adipose tissue, (BAT), your fat-burning factory. Brown fat is the body’s chief regulator of thermogenesis, so the more active your brown fat is, the easier it is to maintain a desirable weight. Dieters who rely solely on restricting their calorie intake usually end up disappointed, because extreme calorie restriction lowers the rate of thermogenesis. Your body actually burns less fat than it did before you started dieting. People who yo-yo on and off low calorie diets have even more problems. When a yo-yo dieter begins to increase calorie intake after dieting, their metabolic rate does not return to pre-diet levels, so they store more calories as fat than they did before they started!

Middle-aged spread means you’re not burning enough calories after you eat. Everybody increases metabolism after eating, but the amounts of heat (thermogenesis) vary widely. Lean people experience a 40% increase in heat production after a meal. Overweight people may have only an increase of 10%. Obesity occurs primarily when brown fat isn’t working properly, only a little thermogenesis takes place, and the body deals with the excess calories by storing them as fat. During mid-life years, starting in our early 40s, a genetic timer shuts down the thermogenic mechanism. Turning this timer back on is the secret to re-activating thermogenesis and a more youthful metabolism.

Here’s how brown fat works to stimulate thermogenesis: A protein, called uncoupling protein, breaks down, or uncouples, the train of biochemical events that the cells use to turn calories into energy. Brown fat cells continue to convert calories into heat as long as they are stimulated, and as long as there is white fat for them to work on. Brown fat activity is also self-perpetuating, because it energizes more uncoupling proteins, produces more brown fat cells, and results in substantially more excess calories being burned off as heat through thermogenesis.

Research into the genetics of obesity shows that some people are not born with enough brown fat. People who eat lightly but still can’t lose weight, gain more weight in middle age because the little brown fat they did have is reduced even further. Thermogenesis research demonstrates that it is possible to reverse this aberration. Thermogenic herbs have been successful at reactivating brown fat in middle age. They can increase calorie burning without additional diet changes or exercise, although these things offer added benefits.

1. Thermogenic herbs increase blood flow to lean muscle tissue, so it works faster and longer.

2. Thermogenic herbs suppress appetite. You eat less with less effort.

3. The longer you take thermogenic herb formulas, the more effective they tend to become, because they help your body produce enough thermogenic activity to make a difference.

To Life-long health,

Linda Page

Could Candida overgrowth be the culprit behind your health problems?

In this post I'm going to talk about a very common health problem that far too many people are simply unaware of: an overgrowth of the Candida albicans yeast. Candida albicans yeast is common, normally living harmlessly in the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary areas of the body. However, if immune response is reduced from repeated rounds of antibiotics, steroid drugs, a high sugar diet, and chronic stress, the body can lose its balance. In these cases, candida can multiply rapidly, feeding on the excess sugars and carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

Do you have signs of Candida overgrowth?

Two or more yes answers should alert you of a potential problem.

  • Do you have recurrent digestive problems like gas and bloating?

  • Do you have a white coating on your tongue?

  • Do you crave sugar, bread, or alcoholic beverages?

  • If you're a woman, do you have PMS, recurrent vaginal yeast infections or bladder infections?

  • If you're a man, do you have abdominal pains, prostatitis, or loss of sexual interest?

  • Have you recently taken repeated rounds of antibiotics or corticosteroid drugs?

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Your diet must simultaneously nourish your body while starving candida of the sugary, refined foods that support its growth. A candida detox strengthens and enhances your digestive ability to assimilate nutrients and normalizes metabolism. It especially strengthens afflicted organs, like the liver and glands. As you start to see improvement, and symptoms decrease (usually after two months), you can start to add back some whole grains, fruits, juices, a little white wine, nuts and beans.

To Life-long health,

Linda Page