deep breathing

Deep breathing is a superb anti-aging technique

Deep breathing is a powerful way to decrease stress and increase calm energy. Low body oxygen can cause anxiety, depression, tight muscles, aches and pains, and exacerbate chronic illness. Diaphragmatic breathing is the deepest kind of breathing. Deep diaphragm breathing lowers anxiety levels, relaxes and loosens muscles, and generates an inner feeling of peace and calm. Diaphragm breathing also strengthens heart and lungs, encourages more restful sleep and slows the aging process. Some basic diaphragm breathing steps:

1) Inhale deeply through your nose. Try to fill your lungs.

2) Exhale slowly through your mouth.

3) Breathe deeply for 30 seconds. It takes less than a minute to calm and center yourself during anxious moments. Breathing deeply for just one minute prevents short breaths that negatively affect the oxygen-carbon dioxide content of your blood. 

4) Now breathe deeply to fill the lower part of your lungs. Notice the pop-pop feeling in your chest as unused lung pockets open up. Your abdomen extends slightly as you fill it with air. Slowly exhale — your abdomen moves inward.

5) As you breathe in deeply, think of oxygen reaching and recharging all the cells of your body. As you exhale, imagine all the stress and tension leaving your body.

To Life-long health,