herbs for herpes

STD Recovery Diet


Diet is an essential component of recovery. Emphasis must be on optimal nutrient foods that can strengthen your body and build strong immune response. Reduce dietary fats, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Don’t smoke. It seriously depresses immune response.

  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, especially high chlorophyll, blood cleansing leafy greens. Have a salad every day with flax oil or olive oil dressing for essential fatty acids.

  • Have a glass of fresh vegetable juice (any blend) daily.

  • Eat only whole foods. No junk or heavily processed foods.

  • Eat about 2 tablespoons of dried sea vegetables daily.

  • Eat yogurt or other cultured foods for friendly flora.

  • Add neutralizing superfoods for detoxification support.

  • Drink purified water, about eight 8-oz. glasses daily.

Some supplements and superfoods we work with help build immune strength.

To Life-long health,

Linda Page