holistic pet food

Healthy Diet for Dogs and Cats

Cats and dogs usually need better nutrition than they get from today’s animal foods. Commercial foods often contain low quality ingredients rejected for human consumption, even diseased animal meat laced with high levels of antibiotics. If these foods are the mainstay of your pet’s diet, they may destroy its health. Most brands are saturated with the ingredients we fight to avoid for ourselves...... chemical additives, artificial colors, dyes, preservatives like BHT and BHA — ingredients with known toxicity that are banned for human consumption. Avoid pet foods with meat by products, fillers and potential allergens for your pet’s best health.

Further, cornmeal is a primary ingredient in commercial feed, but many animals, especially cats, cannot tolerate a high carbohydrate diet. Modern pet foods often contain imbalanced essential fatty acids (low Omega 3’s and high Omega 6’s), leading to skin problems, dull coat or dander. Further, almost all pet food is cooked, pasteurized, canned or microwaved, killing most of the enzymes critical to your pet’s healthy body processes.

It’s easy to see why so many pets are now victims of the same health problems people face: arthritis, heart disease; thyroid, kidney, adrenal and digestive disorders; chronic infections; diabetes and hypoglycemia; allergies, skin and eye disorders. Like us, animals need the live energy of fresh foods and quality, whole ingredients. Their bodies rely on enzymes even more than ours to protect them from degenerative diseases. It’s the reason some animals, even some breeds, tend to eat waste excrement — for the enzymes.

It takes a little more time and effort to feed fresh foods to your pet. Actually, adding a little bit of leftover salad to your pet’s meal makes a big difference to your pet’s health. Start them on some veggies young if you can. I remember the day our cat (who recently passed on after living to the ripe old age of 24) turned up her nose at her own cat food and jumped on the kitchen table to eat our dinner salad!

Important note: Do not overfeed pets. An estimated 35-50% of pet dogs are overweight. Smaller dogs especially put on weight more easily, and table scraps and treats can really add up. Obesity in dogs and cats can lead to high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and lung disease.

To Life-long health,

Linda Page