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How to take your basal body temperature

Your body temperature is a reflection of your metabolic rate, governed by the thyroid gland. Imbalances in thyroid hormone production reveal themselves in changes in basal body temperature. Normal basal body temperature is 98.6°. If your basal body temperature is chronically low, it can be a sign of low thyroid function or Wilson’s syndrome. If it is chronically elevated, you could be pregnant or have a hyperactive thyroid gland (Graves disease). A visit to a physician can confirm either concern. You will need a thermometer to perform this test.

1. Before bed, shake down a thermometer to below 95°F and put it in a safe place for the night.

2. On rising, place the thermometer in your armpit for 10 minutes. Try to lie down and stay still while performing the test.

3. After 10 minutes, read your temperature and note it with the day’s date.

4. Repeat your temperature test for 3-5 consecutive mornings.


Is Low Metabolism and Thyroid the Cause of your Weight Problems?

Signs to look for:

  • great, unrelenting fatigue, especially in the middle of the day.
  • weak muscles; slow heart rate; high LDL “bad” cholesterol levels
  • hormonal imbalances (like PMS, delayed or absent menstruation, or unusually heavy menstruation)
  • bloating, gas and indigestion immediately after eating.
  • unexplained weight gain or obesity, with frequent constipation and bloating
  • appearance of goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland) with low selenium levels;
  • chronic fungal infection of finger and toenails
  • unexplained hair loss in women, often accompanied by breast fibroids.
  • puffy face and eyelids; dull, dry hair; dry, itchy skin; easily broken nails.
  • unusual sensitivity to cold, especially hands, feet and ears; yellowish color on hands and feet;
  • swollen scalloped tongue; swollen ankles; poor circulation in the fingers and toes
  • unusual depression, with markedly reduced libido and poor immune response;
  • poor memory and concentration, unexplained mood swings and changes in personality.

You can increase thyroid activity, naturally: The thyroid needs iodine to produce its hormones. An imbalanced thyroid causes excess estrogen production with many problems for women. Herbal iodine sources offer helpful support without side effects.

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