August's Newsletter- PMS Relief Naturally 2014


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PMS is by far the most common women’s health complaint. For some women, it disrupts their whole lives. The intricacies of a woman’s body are delicately tuned, and can become unbalanced or obstructed easily, causing pain, poor function, and a disconcerting feeling of not being “together” that often results in physiological and emotional problems, especially during the menstrual cycle.

 In times past, our diets consisted of more whole and fresh foods than they do today. Our environment wasn’t full of chemicals, nor our foods full of junk. The modern women’s lifestyle seems almost made to order for stress and imbalance. Today’s foods and our environment are full of chemicals that clearly affect delicate hormone balance.

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The 4 Natural Keys to Fighting PMS

Nutrition Plan

Natural therapies work well for most women because they address the full spectrum of factors involved, but they need time to work. A woman can expect a natural therapy program for PMS to take at least two months, as the body works through both ovary cycles.

1. Phytohormone-Rich Herbal Compounds Help Balance Body Estrogen Levels
Phytoestrogens are remarkably similar to human hormones. Phytohormone-rich plants like soybeans and wild yams, and hormone-rich herbs like black cohosh, ginseng, licorice root and dong quai, have a safety record of centuries.
2. Essential Fatty Acids Balance Prostaglandins
Non-inflammatory, hormone-type prostaglandins act as transient hormones, regulating body functions almost like an electrical current. Foods like ocean fish (especially ahi tuna and salmon), olive and perilla oils, and herbs like Evening Primrose reduce pain by boosting your body’s essential fatty acid supply.

3. Love Your Liver To Balance Estrogen And Progesterone Levels
Lower your fat intake and reduce dairy foods to help your liver do its job. A high-fat diet hampers liver function.Many dairy foods are a source of synthetic estrogen from hormones injected into cows.. Focus on high quality vegetarian protein to improve estrogen metabolism. On PMS days, avoid dairy foods altogether and include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli for estrogen balance at least twice a week. A cup of green or white tea, or a green tea blend like Green Tea Cleanser each morning supports the liver.  Or, try • Milk Thistle seed extract or • dandelion root tea daily.

4. Boost Thyroid Activity To Reduce PMS
Estrogen levels are influenced by thyroid hormones. If the thyroid does not have enough iodine, insufficient thyroxine is produced and estrogen can build up. Herbs from the sea are an excellent choice for thyroid balance because they are rich in potassium and iodine. Two tablespoons daily in a soup or salad, or over rice, or six pieces of sushi a day, are a therapeutic dose. Or try • Ocean Minerals caps