Dec. 2015- Delicious, Therapeutic Teas

Medicinal teas may have bitter tasting properties. Where taste is unpleasant, I add mint, lemon peel, spices, or stevia (sweet herb) to improve taste without harming therapeutic qualities.

Tips on taking herbal teas:
 Use 1 packed small tea ball to 3 cups of water for medicinal-strength tea. Use distilled water or pure spring water for increased herbal strength and effectiveness.

My favorite Herbal Tea Blends

1. Beautiful Skin tea


Whole herb nutrients in Beautiful Skin Tea are great for skin—packed with absorbable minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids to cleanse, hydrate, restore, alkalize, and balance.

 Beautiful Skin Tea can even be used topically with good results. Use lukewarm as an anti-redness wash, or apply topically at the first sign of a breakout. Simply soak cotton balls in tea and apply to trouble areas.

2. Bladder Comfort tea

Support your urinary tract. Cleansing herbs soothe kidneys and bladder. Addresses the imbalance and reduces your worst symptoms. Feel better fast!

3. Cleansing & Purifying tea

      This potent herbal combination helps cleanse the blood and organs of impurities that can lead to poor     health and suppress the immune system.

4. Conceptions tea

     Herbal allies for healthy conception and pregnancy. Normalizes, tones and elasticizes the female   reproductive system. Sea veggies and whole herbs in the blend are loaded with vitamins and minerals to shore up nutrient supply. Royal jelly is a libido enhancer for women. Red raspberry is a nutritive, astringent herb that helps prepare the uterus for healthy conception.

5. Liver Cleanse Flushing tea

A liver cleanse with a whole herb formula once or twice a year is highly recommended.This advanced formula features milk thistle seed extract, found in clinical studies to help support liver health safely, even in used long term. Dandelion supports healthy liver activity, and is widely used with good results by herbalists all over the U.S.

Although teas have milder, more subtle effects than capsules or extracts, they are sometimes the only way for a weakened system to accept therapeutic support, and work with stronger herbal preparations to boost their value. Note: Important healing oils are lost during cutting of herbs for tea bags. Crystal Star only uses loose, bulk herbs to preserve the therapeutic integrity of the dried herbs.