February 2013- The Diabetes Epidemic


 Type 2 Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. Today nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes. Over a million are diagnosed each year. (Another 8 million people have diabetes, but don’t yet know it.) With its complications (stroke, heart attack, blindness), diabetes can be serious if not managed correctly. In fact, diabetes is now the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, linked to overconsumption of refined carbohydrates and sugar, and a lack of fiber. It’s a vicious circle disease; poor fat and sugar metabolism lead to excess weight, which then leads to diabetes.

This type of diet overworks, then damages the pancreas, so your body loses the ability to use insulin correctly, the hormone that helps convert food into energy. As simple carbs and sugars cease to be metabolized, they accumulate in the body as fat. Excess body fat and lack of exercise bring on insulin resistance, so less energy moves into the cells. Type 2 diabetics produce insulin, but don’t use it properly (insulin resistance).

Note: Type 1 diabetes, sometimes called juvenile onset diabetes, is more severe, almost entirely dependent on insulin to sustain life.

Healing Diet for Blood Sugar Balance

Diet improvement is absolutely necessary to overcome diabetes. The diet below, in addition to balancing blood sugar use, has the nice “side effect” of healthy weight loss.

On rising: take the juice of two lemons in a glass of water with 2 tsp. green superfood powder.

Breakfast: take a glass of aloe vera juice, or a fiber drink mix in apple juice or water; and make a mix of 2 tbsp. each: nutritional yeast, wheat germ, lecithin granules, rice or oat bran. Sprinkle some daily on breakfast foods, or mix into yogurt with fresh fruit. Or, have either: 1) poached egg on whole grain toast; 2) muesli, whole grain or low sugar granola cereal with rice milk; 3) buckwheat or whole grain pancakes with apple juice. Midmorning: have a green drink, or a sugar balancing herb tea, like licorice or dandelion tea.

Lunch: have a green salad, with marinated tofu, and mushroom soup; or baked tofu, or turkey with steamed veggies and brown rice; or a whole grain sandwich, with avocado, low fat (or soy) cheese, a low fat sandwich spread and watercress.

Mid-afternoon: have a glass of veggie juice; or some fresh veggies with a low fat dip, and bottled water.

Dinner: Keep it light! Have a baked or broiled seafood dish with brown rice and peas; or a stir-fry with rice, veggies and miso soup; or a beans and rice dish with onions and peppers. A little white wine is fine with dinner for relaxation and has surprisingly high chromium content.

Before bed: take a fiber drink mix with apple juice; or warm miso soup.