February 2014 Newsletter- Seaweed for Health & Healing


Sea plants are gifts from the sea!
In the last three decades, I’ve seen natural therapies spring to the forefront of medicine and face the challenges of today’s health. More and more people are embracing herbs or other natural therapies for their wellness. One in two people use some form of complementary or alternative medicine.

One of Nature’s miracles that I want to share with you is sea vegetables. In the West, we eat land vegetables for our main source of greens, but vegetables from the sea are nutritious foods and powerful healers. Hot seaweed baths, seaweed facial masks, formulas and recipes can all transform your health and beauty. I believe in them so much, I use them every day!

Sea vegetables are tasty. Crush, chop or crumble any mix of dry sea greens you like into soups and sauces, pizzas or focaccias, casseroles, rice and salads. Roast them into anything you cook. If you add sea veggies, no other salt is needed, an advantage for a low salt diet. Sundried, they are convenient to buy, store, and use as needed. If you store them in a moisture proof container, they keep indefinitely.

Bathing in Sea Vegetables Boosts Weight Loss

Remember how good you feel after an ocean walk? Seaweeds purify and balance the ocean—they can do the same for your body. A hot seaweed detox bath is like a wet-steam sauna, only better, because the seaweeds balance body chemistry instead of dehydrating it. The electromagnetic action of the seaweed releases excess body fluids from congested cells, and dissolves fatty wastes through the skin, replacing them with minerals, especially potassium and iodine. Iodine boosts thyroid activity, so food fuels are used before they can turn into fat deposits.

Taking a seaweed detox bath once a week to help keep off excess weight, tone the body and rid your body of toxins.

There are two very effective ways to take a seaweed detox bath: 

1. Draw very hot water in a tub to 1/2 full. Put the seaweed into the tub and steep until it softens and the water is cool enough to enter.

2. Make a strong infusion in a large pot on the stove, simmering the seaweed for 10 – 15 minutes before straining and adding to hot bathwater.

Soak in the deep bath, covering the body as much as possible for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Let hot water constantly trickle into the tub to maintain the high temperature. Soak as long as possible to give the body time to absorb the mineral properties. (Rub the body with the seaweed solids during the bath for best results.) If you become overheated or uncomfortable, sit on the edge of the tub for 1 – 2 minutes.

A seaweed detox bath balance the acid-alkaline system, encourages liver activity, cellulite release and fat metabolism. Skin tone, color, and better circulation are almost immediately noticeable. To get the most from a seaweed treatment, dry brush cellulitic skin before your seaweed bath to exfoliate dead skin, and open up pores for waste elimination and blood flow to the affected area. Note: For your convenience, Crystal Star offers prepackaged, organic seaweeds in a Hot Seaweed Bath.

Seaweeds for Detoxification

Seaweeds purify all the world’s oceans- they can do the same for your body. Seaweeds like kelp, dulse and Irish Moss can protect us from a wide range of toxic elements in the environment, including radiation by-products, converting them into harmless salts that our bodies can eliminate.

Natural iodine in seaweeds can reduce by almost 80% radioactive iodine-131 that is absorbed by the thyroid. Seaweeds are so effective that even the former U.S. Atomic Energy Commission recommended that people consume two to three ounces of seaweeds a week (or 2 tbsp. of algin supplements a day) for thyroid protection.

More on Iodine Therapy and Seaweed

Please note that seaweed based products do not contain as high of levels of iodine as phamaceutical grade potassium iodide (K1), but they do help shore up deficiendies and are a good choice to keep your thyroid gland nourished with organic iodine. In the event of radiation poisoning, you will need to work with a qualified medical professional to establish a proper protocol.

Iodine Therapy Dosage

Preventive measures may be taken against iodine deficiency problems by adding just 2 tablespoons of chopped, dried seaweeds to your daily diet.