Herbal Travel Kit

As we approach our final weeks of summer, many of us can't wait for that final vacation with the family. Yet, one thing we may forget to pack are herbs to keep you healthy and happy while you're on your trip.

Many people on vacation experience indigestion when they go from home cooked meals to rich restaurant foods or theme park fare. Don’t let indigestion or gas slow down your family fun. Order light and healthy when you can. Bring along some herbal formulas like GERD Defense or Digestive Support.

Not all vacations are for relaxing. If your itinerary is packed, you’re going to need plenty of energy. Instead of grabbing an energy drink, pack a green superfood drink mix. Green superfoods like Energy Green Renewal offer a wealth of energizing nutrients and don’t have the rebound effect of making you more tired like sugar and caffeine.

Have a plan to manage vacation stress. Sometimes cramped quarters with the family can get stressful, so plan accordingly. Try some catnip tea or Rescue Remedy for the kids. For the adults, consider Relax caps, great for relieving stress before plane rides too!

Here at Healthy Healing, we wish you a fun, stress free remainder of summer!