Jan 2015- Deep Clean Your Liver! Get Healthy Today

From Dr. Linda Page

Start 2015 by deep cleaning your body's main organ of detoxification, the liver.Your life depends on your liver. To a large extent, the health of your liver determines the health of your entire body. The liver is really a wonderful chemical plant that converts everything we eat, breathe and absorb through the skin into life-sustaining substances. Health problems occur after many years of abuse, when the liver is so exhausted it loses the ability to detoxify itself. This is where deep cleaning your liver really helps.

The Healthy Healing Liver Detox

For our complete cleanse, visit Deep Clean Your Liver on the web. For your ongoing diet, keeping fat intake low is crucial to liver regeneration and vitality. Beets, artichokes, radishes and dandelions are good liver foods because they promote the flow of bile, the major pathway for chemical release from the liver. A permanent diet for liver health should be lacto-vegetarian, low in fats, rich in vegetable proteins, with plenty of vitamin C foods for good iron absorption.

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 Secrets of Deep Liver Cleansing

Deep Clean Your Liver

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