July Newsletter- Summer Weight Loss Tips

Summer Weight Loss Tips! Everybody knows yo-yo dieting doesn’t work.

Did you know yo yo dieting increases the risk of gallstones, too?  For the best results, start slowly on your weight loss program and stick with it. The five keys to an effective weight control diet: low fat, high fiber, stress control, regular exercise, lots of water.

Fat isn’t all bad. It’s your body’s chief energy source. Most overweight people have too high blood sugar and too low fat levels. This causes constant hunger; the delicate balance between fat storage and fat utilization is upset; and your ability to use fat forenergy decreases. Eating fast, fried, or junk foods aggravates this imbalance. You wind up with empty calories and more cravings. Fat becomes non-moving energy; fat cells become fat storage depots. But don’t replace fats with fat substitutes like Olestra. Fake fats fool your tastebuds, not your stomach. In one study, people who replaced 20% of their fat with fake fats were still hungry at the end of the day and they ate twice as much food as normal!

Watchwords for Weight Control Changing fat composition in your diet is the key.

The importance of cutting back on saturated fat cannot be overstated. Saturated fats are hard for the liver to metabolize. Focus on healthy fats from seafood, sea greens, nuts and seeds which curb cravings by initiating a satiety response levels.

Control your food portions. Portion control is a cornerstone of weight control. Even if your diet is healthy and reasonably low in fat, there’s no way you can eat all you want of anything. Eat smaller meals every 2 to 3 hours to keep your appetite hole from gnawing, and to keep metabolic rate high. Small meals virtually prevent carbohydrates and proteins from being converted to fat.

Control hunger with safe herbal appetite suppressants. Serotonin is the brain chemical linked to mood and appetite. Serotonin balancers like St. John’s wort, and evening primrose oil help reduce food cravings. Try an herbal weight loss compounds like Tummy Control caps with St. John’s wort. Superfoods - barley grass, spirulina, sea greens and alfalfa can be keys to controlling appetite. Take a green drink with these low-calorie foods in mid-afternoon to rapidly decrease a craving for high-calorie foods. Energy Green Renewal drink can raise both metabolic rate and activity levels.

Control your cravings. The herb gymnema sylvestre helps control sugar cravings. Gymnema binds with sugar receptors in the mouth, causing sugary foods to lose their appealing sweet flavor, an effect that lasts up to 2 hours. Seven different clinical studies show garcinia cambogia or HCA (hydroxycitric acid) reduces food intake an amazing 46% when taken orally. Fat & Sugar Detox caps  with garcinia cambogia boosts metabolism of fats and sugar while reducing food cravings.

Water can get you over diet plateaus. Dehydration slows resting metabolic rate (RMR), so waste products like ketones build up in tissues. Drink juices or green tea each morning to wash out wastes.

A little caffeine after a meal raises thermogenesis (calorie burning) and boosts metabolic rate. Fat burning spices like ginger, cinnamon, garlic, mustard and cayenne in your recipes work, too.

High fiber fruits and veggies are a key to successful body toning. Have an apple every day!



While physical activity should be a priority for women of all ages, it is especially important for women during menopause.

Research indicates that hormonal changes and decreasing muscle mass during menopause may affect body fat distribution and body composition (lean tissue and fat tissue) and inactivity is the one factor that is most consistently tied to weight gain during menopause.   For health-related fitness, physical activity guidelines recommend 150 minutes of activity over the course of week, ideally combining cardiovascular and total-body resistance training.   Long-term, healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week requires creating a calorie deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories per day through a combination of healthy eating habits and exercise.

One study noted by the IDEA Fitness Journal found that walking was as effective as vigorous exercise in preventing cardiovascular events in postmenopausal women, while prolonged sitting predicted an increased risk of events.  Summer is an ideal time to take exercise outdoors, with walking being one of the most accessible and affordable cardiovascular activities for many women.  According to the Mayo Clinic, a 160 pound individual walking 3.5 miles per hour can burn about 314 calories per hour. Resistance training using a circuit format – performing a series of exercises with little or no rest in between – is also an efficient way to incorporate total body resistance training into busy summer schedules.


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