July's 2014 Newsletter

HEALTH SPOTLIGHT: Do You Have Exhausted Adrenals?

Try Adrenal Energy to restore energy and balance

Try Adrenal Energy to restore energy and balance

Most Americans have some degree of adrenal burn out...

Are your energy and alertness chronically low for no discernible reason?

Adrenal burn-out is called “America’s invisible epidemic,” with up to 80% of U.S. adults suffering adrenal fatigue at some point in their lives. It’s related to today’s exhaustion illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome, mononucleosis and EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). It’s involved in candidiasis and fibromyalgia syndromes. Low blood sugar attacks and allergies are often the result of exhausted adrenals.

Natural Menopause

By 2015, almost half of all American women will be in menopause. While there are times when taking supplemental hormones is okay… for a short term need, hormone drugs can disrupt hormone balance further. This is where natural hormone balancing comes in. Plant hormones are remarkably similar to human hormones. They can be accepted by hormone receptor sites in our bodies, and they are extremely gentle and safe.

Although used for centuries, we are just beginning to understand their power. Studies on soy foods and herbs like ginseng, black cohosh and wild yam clearly show hormone-normalizing effects. They help control menopausal symptoms for a woman who is not producing enough estrogen on her own. They also do not appear to abnormally raise estrogen levels over the long term. Download our FREE natural hormone health guide here.