Sept. Newsletter Herbal Skincare

 Skin Gels with Herbs, Seaweed and Aloe

The skin is the body’s largest organ of ingestion. Herbal gels are semi-solid preparations that allow absorption of herbal benefits through the skin. We use aloe vera as a conduit in our gels to deliver the herbal nutrients quickly to the target area. You can use herbal gels topically as needed for faster healing and support for acute concerns like cuts, scrapes, fungus, scars and more.


Cooling Seaweed Facial Mask

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Combines seaweed with rejuvenating whole herbs that cleanse the skin, repair damage and diminish the signs of premature aging for a "natural facelift" effect. Refresh, exfoliate and firm your skin with Cooling Seaweed Facial Mask.

use code: gel65

Key Ingredients

Seaweed   |    Rhodiola    |     Papaya seed       |      Butcher's Broom

For moisture     For skin tone          To exfoliate             To tighten


Seaweed for Health and Beauty

Key Ingredients in Natural Skincare

The same 56 trace elements that run through the oceans run through the human body. The chemical structure of seaweeds, bathed in these nutrients, is remarkably similar to human blood plasma. I believe that when we eat seaweeds, we are really tapping into the ancestral and restorative source of all life- the ocean. In addition, sea greens have molecules similar to collagen, which nourish skin health. Mineral salts in seaweeds help the skin to hold moisture, so it becomes more supple and elastic, too.

French research shows seaweed minerals are readily absorbed by the skin where they can then make their way into the bloodstream for nourishment. Mineral starved skin looks haggard and dull--- Seaweed mineral boost (particularly from calcium, iodine and potassium) adds incredible skin luster, and improves texture and tone.

Sea veggies also supply algin which elasticizes the skin, all over. Seaweed body wraps, facials and eye masks are especially beneficial for tightening and toning saggy skin tissue. Did you know? High algin sea veggies like kelp and sea palm can be also used to speed healing from wounds and skin ulcers. Research from the Emory Clinic in Georgia shows algin in sea veggies can absorb up to 20 times its weight in wound drainage and bacteria!