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November Newsletter- De-Stress for the Holidays

De-stress for the Holidays!



Are the Holidays Stressing You Out?

More than 30% of Americans today say they are under constant stress. Eight out of 10 people say their stress has grown, citing the economy as the most significant cause. And, there is no question that the holidays, the most expensive and busy season of all, are a stressful time of year.

Stress Can Wreak Havoc on your Health

Statistics today show that up to 95 percent of visits to health care professionals are stress-related. At best, stress causes useless fatigue; at worst, it is dangerous to health.

Over 20 million Americans suffer from health problems linked to chronic stress. Everyone is affected by varying degrees of stress… people who work in polluted atmospheres, people at control desks with machines or instruments demanding continual attention, people who travel coast to coast constantly, people with mundane, boring jobs, and especially people who can’t find a job. Profound stress, like that caused by job loss or the loss of a loved one takes a serious physical toll.

Medical experts agree, stress in itself is not a disease, but the more “stressed out” you become, the more vulnerable you are to colds, flu, ulcers, allergies, even heart attacks and high blood pressure. Stress especially drains our energy, targeting organs like the adrenal glands and wiping out their stores. Long term stress invariably leads to severe fatigue from adrenal exhaustion, and regularly results in depression. Stress shows up in how you look, too.  Blemishes may appear around the chin; nails become brittle and peel, hair is dull and lifeless. Stress can even make your hair fall out!

Not all stress is bad.

It can be a motivating factor in our lives. The human body is designed to handle stressful situations, even to thrive on some of them. You can never avoid all stress, but you can maintain a high degree of health to handle and survive stress well.

What Puts You At Greatest Risk For Serious Stress?

Job pressure, money worries and the emotional problems that come with them top most stress lists today, coupled with lack of rest, and aggravated by the overuse of drugs, tobacco, caffeine or alcohol, our most common stress “relievers.” Physical stress triggers? Allergies (especially to gluten), hypoglycemia, mineral depletion, hormone imbalances; multiple infections, environmental pollutants, all lead to adrenal dysfunction and lower energy to deal with stress.


Stress Relief Diet

Nutritional therapy plan: Good nutrition is a good answer to stress. It's a mood elevator.

1. As stress increases, protein needs increase. Protein and mineral-rich foods are the best choice. Vegetable proteins from whole grains, sea veggies, sea and soy foods, eggs and sprouts offer notable results. Have fresh carrot juice and fresh fish or seafood once a week.

2. Add melon to your diet. Melon contains SOD, an enzyme some think is more powerful than antioxidants in controlling stress, because it spurs the body to manufacture its own antioxidants to repair free radical damage. Add magnesium-rich foods from green vegetables and whole grains. Add more potassium-rich foods like potatoes, salmon, bananas, seafood and avocados to your diet. Potassium helps reduce stress-related high blood pressure, and regulates blood sugar. Intake should be about 3 to 5 grams daily. Cut down on high sodium foods which dehydrate the body.

3. Eat B vitamin-rich foods like brown rice and other whole grains. Avoid trans fats from fried foods, red meats and highly processed foods for adrenal health. These foods are high in chemicals that overburden the body’s elimination systems.

4. Reduce caffeine intake. Drink green tea or a green and white blend each morning instead for energy and antioxidants.

5. Take a glass of wine before dinner. No liquids with meals. Drink bottled water.

6. Make an anti-stress mix of nutritional yeast, toasted wheat germ, sunflower seeds, molasses, flax oil; take 2 tbsp. daily in food. Take miso soup before bed to relax.

7. Feed your adrenals with foods like sea veggies, like Systems Strength drink and green drinks, like Spirulina or Barley Grass powder.