The Importance of Detoxification


Purify Your Body

Crystal Star’s PURIFY formulas support detoxification of key body systems like the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph system and even the skin. By ridding the body of its toxic burden, PURIFY formulas help your body function at its peak. You will cleanse your digestive tract of wastes and unhealthy bacteria that create health imbalances. PURIFY formulas can help repair damaged tissues and tone the colon-bowel system. Through purification and improved diet, your actual cell make-up can change!


What are toxins? Every day our body comes into contact with a cocktail of toxic substances able to cause harm. These toxins take multiple forms, some obvious (such as those found in cleaning products, smog, cigarette smoke and industrial chemicals); some not so obvious (such as the invisible pesticides and herbicides found on unwashed fruits and vegetables, and the invisible chemicals disguised as additives in pre-packaged foods). And even though our body is constantly working to remove these toxic substances from our system before they have a chance to do any harm, without healthy organs of detoxification (including your liver, kidneys, small intestine, large intestine and lower bowel), our internal processes of eliminating toxins may not work as well as nature intended. Sub-optimum elimination means damaging toxins may spend a longer time in the body. How do toxic substances enter and leave the body?

A Toxin’s Journey:

Step 1: Toxin entry – toxins enter your body either through the air you breathe (via your lungs), the food you eat (via your digestive tract) or your skin (via the surfaces you touch and some personal care products).

Step 2: Toxin transportation – once absorbed, a toxin is transported via the bloodstream to the liver.

Step 3: Toxin breakdown – on arrival at the liver, most toxins are processed by a myriad of enzymes and antioxidants, and rendered non-toxic.

Step 4: Toxin removal – once rendered non-toxic by the liver, these previously toxic materials are able to be safely removed from the body via the kidneys, (in the urine), the skin (through your sweat) & the bowel (in your fecal matter).

By giving your liver a break, your diet goes a long way to dictating the health of your liver. This means if you eat a lot of processed foods high in fat and sugar, or drink alcohol regularly, or consume caffeine daily – over time your liver can become stressed, fatigued or over-burdened. The most common signs of an overworked liver include indigestion following a meal (especially if the meal is high in fat), poor skin condition (due to toxic overload), digestive discomfort (including nausea, flatulence and foul odors from poorly digested food matter fermenting in your digestive tract) and bad breath (also a sign you are not digesting your food properly). Another nasty side effect when your liver is overworked are the severe, long lasting hangovers you experience from over-indulging (in alcohol, sugar laden foods, fatty foods or all of the above).

Source: Healthy Life

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