What if a Women is Already Taking HRT drugs?

   An herbal formula like EST-AID can be used by women who have never used HRT, or by women who are weaning themselves off HRT, although I recommend medical supervision in these cases. Some women start by adding whole herb formulas as they gradually decrease their HRT dosage. Ask your doctor first. Remember, whole herbs are really foods. There is much less potential for interactions or side effects than there is with prescription drugs.

With whole herbs, you’ll see other menopausal symptoms like moodiness, memory lapses, and body thickening improved as herbs work both to shore up your hormone deficiencies and reduce your hormone excesses.

          Your menopause experience will change with time. Changing the way you approach it is the key to success. Most women will experience the most dramatic hot flashes in the first year of their menopause. After that, hot flashes tend to subside, and are less intense, and you can try a milder formula like Easy Change for longterm balance. 

            Menopausal balance results from a healthy lifestyle, not a pill. I find women who make the commitment to a natural “change” experience the best results for relieving symptoms, not to mention the great benefits for overall health. Gentle plant hormones help the body along without health risks and harsh side effects.  Every day, your hormones will become more and more balanced. You’ll want to keep your “change.” I know I do.

To your best health,

Linda Page