What are the Advantages of Each Different Type of Herbal Preparation?

Today herbs are available in a variety of forms: capsules, teas, extracts, skin gels, drink mixes.

herbal capsules

If you like convenient, potent preparations with extensive choices, try whole herb capsules (available in Vegi Caps).

Capsules are 4 times stronger than teas, and bypass the bitter taste that makes taking teas or extracts difficult for some people. Powdered herbs, four times more concentrated than regular ground herbs, are included in our capsules for faster activity.   

herbal extracts

If you're on the go and need a powerful herbal formula, or have trouble swallowing capsules, try an herbal extract.

Extracts are 4 to 8 times stronger than capsules. They are effective used as a spray or as drops held under the tongue. Their strength and easy use make extracts a convenient option, especially for people that prefer liquids.

herbal gels

If your concern is external, affecting the skin, lips or sensitive areas, try gels.

Herbal gels allow absorption of herbs through the skin. We use aloe vera as a conduit in our gels to deliver the herbs quickly to the target area. Use gels topically as needed for problems like cut, scrapes, scars and more.


herbal teas & Drink mixes

If you want to use herbs to supplement your diet, try our teas & drink mixes.

Whole herbs, along with green super foods, are some of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals available. You can easily recharge your diet with concentrated nutrition by adding one of our herbal broths or drink mixes to your health program.