Healthy Healing Guide to Children's Health

What's the most nutritious diet for children?

Children's immunity develops naturally.  A child can often benefit from the body-strengthening forces that nutritious foods, herbs or homeopathic approaches supply.

Whole Foods for Kids

A wholesome diet for children can easily support natural vitality. Healthy foods and children's recipes may take a little more time and attention than ordering a pizza or picking up a “happy meal,” but the change in your child’s health is worth it. Even children who have eaten a junk food diet for years quickly respond to fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, less dairy and sugar. I’ve seen substantial improvement in as little as one month from diet changes alone! A child’s hair and skin takes on new luster—they fill out if they are too skinny, lose weight if they are overweight. They sleep more soundly. Their attention spans markedly improve; many learning and behavior problems lessen or disappear with a better diet.

Herbs for children

A child’s body responds well to whole herbs, as they are really foods.

Children will often drink herbal teas, take herbal syrups and homeopathic capsules more readily than you might think.