Health Secrets from Dr. Linda Page

Detoxify, Rebalance, and Re-Energize with the Power of Whole Herbs

  • FREE, Personalized health advice from the health guru that you cannot find anywhere else

  • RARE audio files of Dr. Page discussing her philosophy and the top ailments in America

The Health Secrets CD includes topics such as:

  1. What is a traditional naturopath?

  2. The Power of Whole Herbs in Combination

  3. Natural Pain Relief

  4. Weight Loss

  5. Estrogen Disruption

  6. Relieving Colds & Flu

  7. The Importance of Liver Detoxification

  8. How to Cleanse the Colon

  9. Overcoming Urinary Concerns

  10. Approaches for Fibroids and Endometriosis

  11. Natural Menopause


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