The Power of Enzymes

Dr. Enzyme Herbal supplement is a cleansing blend of whole herbs, extracts and enzymes.
It contains:

  • Protease - detox, digestion support

  • Green Tea - an energizer

  • Bromelain - for exercise recovery

  • Shiitake Mushroom - for immune support

Is it right for you?

Metabolic Enzyme Supplements like Dr. Enzyme with Protease and Bromelain balance and stimulate enzyme activity. Enzyme therapy helps us by supporting defenses and normalizing digestion.

Consider Dr. Enzyme if you want the any of the following benefits:

  • Supports immune defenses.

  • Cleanses the body.

  • Helps ease digestion. Mal-absorption of protein is extremely common.

  • Helps reduce swelling.

  • Helps beautify your skin. Skin issues often greatly improve


Why do you need Enzymes?


Enzymes naturally come from Fresh Foods foods in your diet. Fresh plant enzymes from food aid your natural digestive enzymes. Raw foods diets are based on the principle that the more “live” enzyme-rich foods you eat, the better health you will have. The best food sources of plant enzymes for humans are bananas, mangos, ginger, sprouts, papayas, avocados and pineapples. 

Make sure you have ample amounts of Enzymes!

IMPORTANT: Take protease enzyme supplements between meals without food, so they absorb directly into your body and function as metabolic enzymes.