Our Sustainability Mission

It’s often said, but rings true more and more each day– Every day is Earth Day. It’s much more than one day per year - it’s every day of every year. Sustainability is a lifestyle and a business culture that must be embraced and incorporated into our lifestyle. Every day.

Every day is Earth Day!

We do our part to help at Crystal Star

Eco Globe-Earth
  • Protecting and preserving endangered herb species is an important aspect of our sustainability mission.
  • We always use cultivated herbs if a species is in danger.
  • We’ve eliminated the use of packing peanuts to reduce waste.
  • We only use recycled cardboard, recycled plastic jars and bottles.
  • Many products are verified Non-GMO, with more to follow.
  • Many of our herbs are Certified Organic, with more certified organic herbs to be used in the future.
  • We Reuse - Recycle - Repurpose. We RESPECT THE EARTH.