Your body has the ability to bring itself to its own balanced state.

Whole herbs and nutritious foods pave the way for the body to do its own work, by supporting body systems, cleansing, toning and nourishing.


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Dr. Linda Page, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Page is a world renowned herbalist with a Ph.D. in Traditional Naturaopathy. Read Linda’s blog and learn about natural health with herbs, fitness, dieting, and more.


Healthy Healing, 14th Edition

Offers step-by-step recommendations on the foods you put on your table, the supplements you purchase, and the stress-relieving therapies and exercises you choose for healing.

A Commitment to Quality

How we formulate at Crystal Star?

Proprietary Blended Formulas & Formulation Philosophy

Good Manufacturing Practices

Testing, testing and more testing...

Each herb from each batch is fully tested for identity, potency, and purity.

Our Sustainability Mission

Doing our part to create a lasting legacy.

Sustainability is a lifestyle and business culture that we embrace everyday.

Whole Foods + Herbs = A Winning Combination

Everyone can benefit from an herbal formula, but results increase dramatically when fresh foods and whole grains form the basis of your diet. Real health is a program, not a pill.

Our herbs contain no adulterants, no contaminants and are lab tested for metals. We are a leading herbal provider offering select verified Non-GMO herbal supplements.  Feel confident taking our herbs by knowing they are pure and effective.

We offer not only whole herb formulas, but also free recipes, fitness tips and nutrition programs to help you create your own COMPLETE holistic lifestyle plan.

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